by Tasha Williams

Elegance, beauty, class and style are just a few words that describe the natural make-up of R Designs. This unique interior design company is fully based, run and operated out of Modesto, California by Rebecca Gallagher and she has been at the forefront of interior design for many years and is one of Modesto’s best-kept secrets, a real hidden jewel: UNTIL NOW! 

Her desire to become part of the world of interior design stretches as far back as she can remember.  At the young age of 19, she purchased her first home.  It was a beautiful four bedroom flat in Wales.  While living in one room, she chose to rent out the other three.  Each room was deeply detailed and fully demonstrated Rebecca’s eclectic style that she is known for today.  At the time, the house guests were so pleased with the rooms they were renting that, often, they would suggest that Rebecca begin running her own interior design company. 


At first, she would just smile as she pondered the thought of running her own company.  However, as time went on and people consistently made suggestions that she do so, starting an interior design company of her own became a real dream! Rebecca was ready to take that step forward, go to college and break into the design industry. Even though she had a deep desire within her heart to begin design school, life circumstances re-directed her path and instead, she and her husband started a family. 

Now, a wife and mother of three, her family purchased their second home.  At the time, unable to afford to hire any contractors, she learned to do everything on her own and eventually did a complete remodel/renovation of the family’s new home.  She did all the re-wiring, built cabinets and painted the home. 

After the restoration part was over, she began to decorate, filling the home with antiques, enhancing each area with bold, bright colors and luxurious fabrics.  After completely finishing the décor in the home, she knew that design was calling her once again and, this time, there was no stopping her.  She moved to the US, went to school and graduated in the top of her class with an Associate of Science, Interior Design. 

Graduation was just the beginning. Soon after, Rebecca won and received the great honor of being presented with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Design Excellence Award in the category of Green and Sustainable Design.  Her years of learning how to re-wire homes really paid off and, to this day, her clients are still singing her praises!  Not only does Rebecca design, but she thinks of each home as a “green” space so each design element is centered around natural lighting.

At the top of 2015, R Designs is re-launching to accommodate every walk of life and income level into her company. This way, everyone, (even those on a budget), can afford R Design’s services.  Rebecca prides herself on being able to turn any space into a vision of beauty. She is well respected in our community and clients truly appreciate the warm demeanor exhibited in her attitude, as well as the beautiful touches of class she adds to any room she re-creates. 

If you would like to set up a time to meet with her about your interior design needs, her contact number is (209) 589-4594.